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Dear Middle School Parents,

As you may have seen from looking at your child’s schedule, this year we have introduced a class into the weekly schedule called “Design”; but what is this exactly?

As part of our ongoing efforts to push our students to become critical thinkers, effective communicators, global citizens and lifelong learners, we have begun introducing a course that will challenge our young adolescent learners to think beyond the ideas that they have thought before, to look deeper into their ideas, to work collaboratively in creating solutions and be able to present in a way that their ideas are truly heard.

The video shared can give you an insight into what we hope to achieve. This process challenges our students to think beyond the conventional, to look inside themselves for ways and methods to solve a problem. At all of our grade levels, 6 through 8, students will be tasked to work in groups, inquire, research, analyse, create, refine, adapt and present. It is our firm belief that this creative environment will allow our middle schoolers to really challenge themselves and each other to go beyond their normal thoughts and ideas.

Our team is dedicated to providing the learning environment and opportunities that can be the stepping stone to a deeper level of learning and understanding not only within the walls of KPIS but also in the outside world. Our goal is to give our children the chance, choice and means to try new ideas, new ways of learning, and support each other’s growth and development. We are excited by what lies ahead!

I look forward to sharing pictures, examples and stories of the creative expression and problem solving to come!

Best regards,


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  • Teresa

    The team of middle school is very different this school year. Thank you for doing a lot to improve the learning environment!

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