Council Reflection for ACY 2017-18

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During the school year, the middle school council has worked on and finished many projects! The council was involved in the helping of the creation of events such as; Fun Run, Shark Guardians, Middle School Games, Valentines Day, Spelling Bee, Music Challenge, and many more! They worked hard to achieve these goals and in result lead lots of the school activities along with their own personal student led events.

They created student led clubs which had zero teacher influence to guide them and managed to pull them off successfully and effectively!

During the shark guardians the council worked hard to raise fund for the NGO by selling products and creating many games for everyone to enjoy. The single handedly raised around 5000+ baht for the shark guardians!

They also assisted the spelling bee and music challenges by working hard as ushers to maintain order within the school and even helped the school’s marketing team to raise awareness to the two events!

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