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Dear Middle School Parents,

The purpose of this communication is to clarify for you all the process to help our middle school team when your child is absent or unable to attend class in school.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation in working with us in this regard to better aid continuity of learning for our children.

The most common areas in question here at KPIS in the middle school are:
Absences to attend tournaments
Medical Conditions that stop participation in activities / sports
Absences due to sickness/illness

Our team would like to help to ensure that all our students have the greatest possibility of success in their time with us at KPIS. At the heart of what we do here in middle school, is the promotion of independence as a learner. This means taking ownership of their learning, which includes both accountability and responsibility in all situations.

As such, we would like to state the following guidelines to help with the process:

In the event that an absence from school is known in advance, please communicate this written information to the school office via email at the earliest possible time. This allows greater chance that teachers might be able to offer accommodations for absence: either before or after the absence date.

If your child is sick and needs to stay home, please inform the front office and/or your child’s teacher at the earliest opportunity. In the event that your child visits the doctor, please also send us the doctor’s note.This helps us keep our community health records up to date.

For medical conditions preventing participation in activities, and communicable illness, we will always request a doctor’s note to confirm. This information is shared with the nurse and the supervising teacher.

We firmly believe it is always the student’s responsibility to approach individual teachers for any work that has been or will be missed as this helps to foster that independence; this work should be completed in the time frame outlined by the teacher.

Regular checking of Google classroom and Powerschool is essential regarding any assignments.

Any major assignment or assessment should be completed in a specific timeframe; this is at the discretion of the teacher and depends on the nature of the assignment or assessment. Additionally, the time and place for completion of work is also dependent on the teacher.

As a team, we are open to discuss with you as parents regarding any of these situations. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or myself at

Kind regards,

Mr. Ben

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