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Star Wars!

This week, Principal Ben brought in an amazing book on the cosmos to the Gr 6 science classroom.
The students were so excited when they discovered it, that they swarmed the book, brought it to a desk, and chattered excitedly about the photos and used their learnings from their current astronomy unit to discuss what they saw on each page.
This was a spontaneous example of real student engagement with, and excitement for, their learning!
Thank you, Principal Ben, for this amazing opportunity for our students.
Ris Grade 6 reflected:
“Today my class and I got this wonderful book Cosmos, and other books. The book Cosmos teaches us a lot of information about planets and galaxies It really teaches us a lot, because the pictures make it interesting and fun for students. The book Mars the New View of the Red Planet helped my group and me so much for our science project because, for our project is about Mars, and creating an alien that could survive in Mars. It shows a lot of information like a thousand years ago Mars had water but it got dryer and dryer”
Mr. Jeff
Grade 6/2 Homeroom / G6 Science & Math

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