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Over the course of 5 weeks, the 8/1 homeroom class has been watching two documentaries: Exodus, and Exodus: The Journey Continues. Frontline, an affiliate of PBS, produced the documentaries. In these documentaries Frontline, vividly captures the ongoing global crisis  – immigration – by profiling a few families over the span of 2 years.

Students were actively engaged while watching these documentaries. They asked a number of questions which allowed us to partake in meaningful dialogue. We, as a class, were quite impacted by the documentary, that we decided to write letters to Frontline.

Just a few days ago, Frontline sent us a response which you can see below.

The students were amazed that their letters were read by the Frontline team. It was a great reinforcer for students to grasp one of our KPIS ESLR’s – Global Citizenship. The hope is that they will continue to take action for the city, country, and world in which they live, through the power of words

Email thanks from Frontline

Mr. Alex Grade

8/1 Homeroom / MS Language Arts


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