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Dear Middle School Parents,

Last week had to have been one of the busiest at KPIS, it seemed like there was such a bustle of energy around the school with our Middle School students representing us well in the Spelling Bee, giving their all in Volleyball, collaborating well in classes, and leading their Parent Teacher Conferences.

For the latter, I would personally like to express my appreciation for the number of parents that came to visit with their child’s teachers. It is such a vital part of the learning process that we have an open dialog between teachers, students, and parents.

This week, we will be having our Field Trip to the Science museum on Tuesday. This is an all day event leaving school at 7.30 and returning by 3 (traffic allowing). We will be meeting in the breezeway from 7.05 onward. Please help to remind your child to wear their PE shirt and long pants (plain); they can bring a small bag with a water bottle, something to write with, and a little pocket money should there be souvenirs at the end of the trip. We hope to have a day together of scientific learning and questioning.

On Friday, our students will be launching their project work from their design class during the activity block for all the Elementary and High School kids to see, ask questions about, and (with the grade 7) participate in. It has been fantastic to see the students learning the launch cycle approach in design thinking for making projects. We are looking forward to seeing the fruits of their labor.

As ever, should you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please do contact us.

Kind regards,

Ben Edmunds

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